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Best thing about Nectar points:
Free wine XD

Worst thing about Nectar points:
Knowing that nothing is actually free - you pay for the 'free' stuff every time you spend money at somewhere that participates in the scheme.

From which I draw the conclusion:
I'm paying for it anyway, so what the hell, let's get some free wine!

Seems to be a Silly Offers week at our 'local' supermarket. Wine: 3 for £10, or £8.99 each.
Discovery bits & bobs for Tex-Mex food: 3 for £3, cheapest item in the offer: £1.35 apiece (flour tortillas: £1.59 a pack).

As a result of this sort of thing + we have lots of storage space for food, + 20-hour power cut the other week means we're eating up lots of food that was in the freezer, when I got to the shop tonight I realised there were only 3 items on my list (coffee, tea [only buy if it's on offer], ibuprofen). Sat and thought for a while and managed to add two more: cheese, wine. Then I remembered something I actually needed! So I added butter (x2). Still didn't look like much, so I decided to have pizza tonight. Whilst in the shop, I picked up the aforementioned Tex-Mex goodies, and also some yummy crisps that're on offer. I swear, I used to buy more for just one day's shopping!


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