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...spent my lunch break today working on developing the ideas for a couple of stories. First up was Vienna aka the one with the ballet dancer. I was trying to get into his head a bit more, how he is early on in the story, and ended up making him cry! Poor man... all alone on a cold & windy beach on Christmas Day, and trying to be bright & cheerful & pretend to his mum that everything's fine when she calls him.

So then, since I was starting to feel all maudlin (and when I get like that and don't know the character well, I find it hard to pull back and work out how to move things on) I flipped my notebook over to see what other story/ies I had notes on in there (I know it seems daft, and you're probably wondering why I don't just have one notebook per story. The answer is partly that often the first ideas come to me when I'm at work so I just grab the book I've already got & scribble them down at lunchtime, and partly that I don't like having too many different things in my arms when I walk down to the car in the morning...). Turned out it was one of the sci-fi ones, and since I had a possible opening sentence in there for it I decided to work from there.

Two paragraphs later, I learn that my MC (who's a first-person narrator for the story) ended up losing his job due to what happens. I think I kind-of knew that already, but seeing it written down made it different...

By then it was nearly time to go back to the joys of picker-packer-ing, so having reduced one chap to tears, and found out I'll be getting another kicked out of his job (and left on an alien planet, no doubt!) I figured I'd caused enough mayhem & desruction for one lunchbreak!


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