Jun. 24th, 2010 10:43 pm
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What with one thing and another - including this recent post over at Jessewave's blog and lots of m/m books I want to read being e-books only, as well as ebooks being significantly cheaper than paper-based ones... I've been thinking more often about maybe, possibly, someday getting an e-reader.

Not that I'm about to go out and buy one anytime soon (where soon = within a year) because there's other things need buying first. But this evening I realised that owning one could have a huge advantage I'd never thought of before: recipes.

Now, I don't know how many recipe books (if any?) are available as ebooks, but for someone like me it would be great - the number of times I've been struck with inspiration while I'm out doing the weekly shop, thought I've bought all the ingredients (or that I have most of them in stock already) and got home to find I've forgotten one thing... and it's usually something the village shop doesn't stock either so I'd have to drive at least to the closest town (8 miles away) and possibly to Welshpool or back to Oswestry (each being 20 miles away, in different directions). But if I had an e-reader and at least most of my favourite recipes stored on it - I could just look it up there & then (and check if it's single, double or whipping cream I need, and stuff like that).

On the other hand, I'd probably forget to take it with me which would result in the same situation as now, but with added frustration!
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but at the moment my writing seems to be split into two distinct parts - the actual writing part, which happens in the evening and currently concentrates on Cariad, and the planning part which happens throughout the day (but mostly at lunchtime) and currently concentrates on Forever. I guess my "grand plan" is that when I've finished writing Cariad, I'll be ready to properly start on Forever.

Today I realised that Forever does have a HEA - at least for one of the characters, and there's more hope for the other main character than I thought there would be... which is good news, I guess. I was mostly concentrating on figuring out the structure of the book, since the story spans several centuries and it can be very easy to do that sort of thing really badly.

Of course, the HEA comes with its own extra lump of research needed. As if I didn't already need to do enough!


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