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Oddly enough, it's where I iron out a lot of plot holes... something about relaxing and having a good soak gets me mulling over whatever's in my mind; and this evening it was The New Thing.

Ok, so I'm going to have to give some kind of names to these stories - at the moment there's "Cariad" which is my welsh farmers, "Friends" which is - well, about two friends, and in some ways kind of a nothing of a story. I need to think about it some more. And then there's "Forever", which is the one without a happy ending, and which I was thinking about tonight.

I was left pondering two things - first, a terminology question: Is "sugar daddy" a term used within the context of talking about gay relationships, in the same way as het relationships (obviously, only a certain *type* of relationship!) or is there a different term? I have a feeling it's the same no matter what flavour of relationship, but still. I'll have to do a bit of googling methinks...

Secondly (and far more crucial to the plot): assuming that a person could, in 17th century Tuscany, purchase a specific burial plot, could he then pass it on to his heir in the event that he doesn't use it e.g. if he dies & is buried abroad?

Oh, I love how my brain likes to niggle away at the details!


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