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That's what I've mostly been doing recently.

I finally read A Tale of Two Cities. It's the only Dickens book I'll bother making the effort for though )

After that, I read a book called Sheep. It's a history book, focusing on the importance of sheep in the history of civilisations. )

Sticking with the history theme, I then read Early Aviation in North Wales it turned out to be slightly mis-leading in its blurb )

And now my current reading - The Safeguard of the Sea Volume 1 of a Naval History of Britain, covering the years 660-1649 )

So yeah, I've been doing a fair old bit of reading. Still am. A lot of it is adding to my general historical knowledge, so hopefully will help with that part of my writing. In the meantime I'm still being regularly attacked by new ideas, so am doing my best to record notes on them for development at a future time :-)

(and if you really did read through that whole post, I recommend you reward yourself!)
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Well, not quite, really. But my eye was caught enough by this article on the Scientific American feed to click through & read the whole lot.

Basically, archeologists have found evidence that tools were used to butcher animals for meat far earlier than previously thought - in fact by a species known as Australopithecus afarensis, of which "Lucy" was/is a member.



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