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but at the moment my writing seems to be split into two distinct parts - the actual writing part, which happens in the evening and currently concentrates on Cariad, and the planning part which happens throughout the day (but mostly at lunchtime) and currently concentrates on Forever. I guess my "grand plan" is that when I've finished writing Cariad, I'll be ready to properly start on Forever.

Today I realised that Forever does have a HEA - at least for one of the characters, and there's more hope for the other main character than I thought there would be... which is good news, I guess. I was mostly concentrating on figuring out the structure of the book, since the story spans several centuries and it can be very easy to do that sort of thing really badly.

Of course, the HEA comes with its own extra lump of research needed. As if I didn't already need to do enough!
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Oddly enough, it's where I iron out a lot of plot holes... something about relaxing and having a good soak gets me mulling over whatever's in my mind; and this evening it was The New Thing.

Ok, so I'm going to have to give some kind of names to these stories - at the moment there's "Cariad" which is my welsh farmers, "Friends" which is - well, about two friends, and in some ways kind of a nothing of a story. I need to think about it some more. And then there's "Forever", which is the one without a happy ending, and which I was thinking about tonight.

I was left pondering two things - first, a terminology question: Is "sugar daddy" a term used within the context of talking about gay relationships, in the same way as het relationships (obviously, only a certain *type* of relationship!) or is there a different term? I have a feeling it's the same no matter what flavour of relationship, but still. I'll have to do a bit of googling methinks...

Secondly (and far more crucial to the plot): assuming that a person could, in 17th century Tuscany, purchase a specific burial plot, could he then pass it on to his heir in the event that he doesn't use it e.g. if he dies & is buried abroad?

Oh, I love how my brain likes to niggle away at the details!
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The other night, as I was engaged in the oh-so-inspirational task of folding sheets, my brain supplied to me a really interesting opening line for a story. Since I had a feeling I'd never remember it, I jotted at down along with the 2 or 3 paragraphs that flowed along after it, and the idea's been playing on my mind over the last couple of days.

I've just been noting down what I know so far about the general storyline and the smigeons of information I've gleaned about the two main characters... and I realised there's no way I can give this story a happy anything - not even HFN - without a literal deus ex machina.

I guess that's what happens when one of the characters sells his soul to the devil, eh?

So, yes, thank you very much brain for giving me a great idea I'll probably never be able to sell! Ah well, it'll be fun writing it and it's not like it'll be a quick write anyhow. Who knows what the publishing market will be like in 30 years time?


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