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That's what I've mostly been doing recently.

I finally read A Tale of Two Cities. It's the only Dickens book I'll bother making the effort for though )

After that, I read a book called Sheep. It's a history book, focusing on the importance of sheep in the history of civilisations. )

Sticking with the history theme, I then read Early Aviation in North Wales it turned out to be slightly mis-leading in its blurb )

And now my current reading - The Safeguard of the Sea Volume 1 of a Naval History of Britain, covering the years 660-1649 )

So yeah, I've been doing a fair old bit of reading. Still am. A lot of it is adding to my general historical knowledge, so hopefully will help with that part of my writing. In the meantime I'm still being regularly attacked by new ideas, so am doing my best to record notes on them for development at a future time :-)

(and if you really did read through that whole post, I recommend you reward yourself!)
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I'm not quite sure what I've been busy doing - other than working, reading and resting that is. The reading did get me thinking though... but I'll save that for another post, perhaps. It's liable to get long...

Oh yes! That's what else I've been doing! Trying (note emphasis) to write. or rather, I've written several beginnings, notes on a fair few middles, and even worked out some endings. I blame Jessewave, myself. Well, and me & others who went "fun writing competition? Sounds fab, bring it on!" What I didn't realise in my intial enthusiasm was that a) silly/funny is very hard to even come up with, let alone write, when you're feeling down (and I've been feeling very down in recent weeks); and b) the kind of storylines and character development my brain likes to devise is a bit bloody difficult to squish into no more than 3000 words.

So what with everything turning to overly-long angst, I've been finding it a mite difficult. And even with the deadline having been extended I'll likely be working on it right up to the last minute. At least I've got a first draft now (70 words over the limit), and I've printed it out, so all I need now is to find my stash of red pens from when I was teaching and I'm ready for the next stage!

I did give myself a reward for getting as far as a completed first draft (I know, most of the writers on my f'list will be going "3000 words? couple of afternoons' work! What's she on about?"). A couple of weeks ago I won a copy of Sean Kennedy's Wings of Equity (in one of jessewave's regular 'free book' draws) and I'd been holding out on reading it until I'd got something written...

..It was marvellous. So much so that I plan on getting myself a paperback copy of it as soon as I can afford it (i.e. not right now when husband's birthday is looming).

Oh dear. Seems I've gone on a bit, haven't I? Oh well, back to sweetie-making-work now, then I can get tea underway and then figure out where I'm supposed to be going tomorrow on this training course for my day job...


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