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The pirates continue to gain more story, albeit in a rather uneven manner. I'm not managing the "write every day" thing right now, mostly due to tiredness.

Real life handed me a bit of inspiration late last week, and I think I may've got a short story out of it. It's currently trying to outgrow its designation as "short" though, so I'm not too sure about what to do with it.

The pirates should end up around 10-12k words, or at least I expect the first draft will be about that length. I'll be happy with it being around 10k. I don't think there's really enough story there for more than that. No idea what I'll do with it after, except practice my editing & revising, lol.

I'd like to get back to my farmers (Cariad) after I've finished with the pirates, and see how I cope with developing that. I definitely need more than one file of notes on it - one for things which need to happen in the plot, and one for things I need to add in / change / make clearer when I revise it.

And of course, if I didn't have enough stories jostling for space already, today while I was rushed-off-my-feet-busy, an idea I had several years ago suddenly germinated and started shouting for attention... one more for the "Ideas" file I think :-)


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