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Yes, silly mood.

Anyhow, I've been meaning to share this little snippit with the Internets for a while now:

You know how estate agents put up signboards on houses etc. they want to sell? And how sometimes there'll be a little bit added describing a particularly attractive aspect of the property e.g. "large garden"?

Well, every week on my drive up the main road from work to do my weekly shop, I pass a house whose signboard-addition reads (transcribed from all-caps to all-lower-case for your eyes' benefit):
six bedrooms outhouse no chain

and every single time I think "Why is having no chain in your outhouse a good thing? How do you flush the loo?"
...and it's not like I didn't know even for a split second the first time I read it exactly what it means, but still my brain is all "I'm gonna snigger at this."

It's like the "banger racing" sign which was up for months on my daily commute. Every single day I'd come to it & think "Oooh, racing sausages!"

Really, really need to have words with my head at times...
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Yesterday I had the great pleasure of having a Grand Day Out, driving allllll the way across the country to Ely, where I met up with a bunch of m/m authors (and [ profile] aunty_marion who, like me, is a reader. Given my personal definition of "author" is "a writer with published work", I can't claim to be one of those just yet!). It was good, even though I didn't stay for the pizza afterwards. This is (probably) the 4th time I've met up irl with people I've met online, and once again it surprised me how quiet people were. Not that I was being particularly bouncy myself, and I was definitely flagging towards the end. Next year (when we'll be in Reading - or at least that's the plan!) I'll look at booking a few days off from the day job and probably travelling down at least the day before. Then again, we'll see how things go, eh?

One topic we discussed which has been haunting me all day was the issue of publishers' insistence on American spelling. One of the main annoyances of which being ass vs. arse. Leaving aside the issue of insisting on US spelling no matter where the story is set (I'll come back to that in a future post), I was thinking today how much I would hate to change any of the arses in my stories to asses (eee-ore!). Therefore I decided to compile a list of alternative words. Please suggest additions in comments etc. and I'll come back and edit the list to add them in!

So, without further ado:


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