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Jan. 14th, 2011 06:35 pm
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So, at my day job, I pick/pack/dispatch various things for promotions and online shops. Today I spent a good part of the morning stuffing letters-with-a-voucher into envelopes. There were a variety of different letters, but one in particular caught my eye with its heading:
Win £250,000 towards your house/mortgage!
"Blimey!*" I thought, "That'd pay off our mortgage and our other debts (credit cards etc.) and we'd be able to buy a quad bike**!"
Come lunchtime, I texted Husband about this, and he pointed out we'd still have quite a bit of change, so I said he could decide what we'd spend the rest on - he came up with: solar water heating, PV panels (solar electric), and extending the upper floor of our house.

All hypothetical, of course, because I can't even remember which product it was running this attractive offer...

It did get me thinking though, about how much some people have to pay for their houses. Round here, £250,000 could buy you a small holding. What's it like round your way? Or, more excitingly: if you won £250,000, what would you spend it on?

*yes, I really do think in words like that. Probably all those Enid Blyton books I read a a young girl
**This is the latest "thing I want"
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Wish I had more m/m authors in my phone memory, because today at lunch I wanted to text you all with the news that "Radio 3 makes me want to slash Holst/Vaughan-Williams!" I settled for not disturbing your lovely lives with this news, and instead just giggled to myself and then got on with writing a smidgeon more of the pirate story (I'd forgotten how much I hate writing action, especially battles).

...the reason for the slash-impulse? They quoted from a letter Holst wrote to Vaughan-Williams about V-W's Pastoral Symphony. Seems I even listen to the radio through my slash-goggles these days!

And then this evening (Radio 4 this time), The Write Stuff's author of the week was Stephanie Meyer. It was a much better episode than I'd been thining it would be :-D Lots of giggling ensued. And when they got to the 'author of the week pastiches' at the end Iaccidentally put too much sugar in my cake mixture because I wasn't paying enough attention! I mean, who could, when giggling over phrase such as "I lusted chastely" and "he questioned questioningly"?
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Yes, silly mood.

Anyhow, I've been meaning to share this little snippit with the Internets for a while now:

You know how estate agents put up signboards on houses etc. they want to sell? And how sometimes there'll be a little bit added describing a particularly attractive aspect of the property e.g. "large garden"?

Well, every week on my drive up the main road from work to do my weekly shop, I pass a house whose signboard-addition reads (transcribed from all-caps to all-lower-case for your eyes' benefit):
six bedrooms outhouse no chain

and every single time I think "Why is having no chain in your outhouse a good thing? How do you flush the loo?"
...and it's not like I didn't know even for a split second the first time I read it exactly what it means, but still my brain is all "I'm gonna snigger at this."

It's like the "banger racing" sign which was up for months on my daily commute. Every single day I'd come to it & think "Oooh, racing sausages!"

Really, really need to have words with my head at times...
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"What ho?" I hollered.
"Rather!" answered Spots.
"Absolutely topping," agreed Godders, and the whole thing was arranged in a jiffy.

No really, this snippet has been playing round my head all day. Please, please let it disappear overnight. I don't think my brain can handle any more characters swanning around in there right now!
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So the BBC's got a "Normans" season on at the moment. They were trailing it on Radio 4 the other day, ad I was most baffled until something right at the end of the trailer/spot made me twig:
"Ooh! 'Normans' as in Battle of Hastings. Not 'Normans' as in 'people called Norman'."
*husband nearly falls off chair laughing*
"Well I did think it was a bit of an odd theme to base a season of programmes on..."


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