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Aug. 11th, 2010 10:50 pm
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Anyone else watching the Victorian Pharmacy series on the TV at the moment? Not sure when it's aired - I've been watching it on the iplayer... Anyhow, I think it's rather fab from both a history and chemistry POV. One of the people is the woman (Ruth Goodman) who did the Victorian Farm a few years ago. That was based at Acton Scott, this current series is based at Ironbridge. Makes me feel I've moved to the right part of the country for history I'm most interested in... but then, given I grew up in the post-industrial north west & north wales, it's hardly surprising, is it?

Also, tonight I heard it announced that there was something about e-books and piracy on Radio 4 (seems it was this - "Reality Check: Intellectual Property"). Haven't listened to it, as I had a guest tonight so turned the radio off before it started, but thought others might be interested even if I don't get round to listening...
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Spent yesterday afternoon over at the sculpture park by the dam - the RSPB were having a family fun day to celebrate International Bog Day, and our village line dancing group had been asked to do a display (of dancing! Get your minds out of the gutter!) and a 'have a go' teaching session. We weren't the only entertainment though - there was a singing group, a chap doing chainsaw sculptures, and a sheep shearing demonstration.

I've never seen shearing up close before - only on the telly (we were too far away to really see anything when we visited the Royal Welsh the other week) and it was really quite fascinating. I never realised they have to wear specialised clothes! Double-layer trousers (so they don't accidentally cut themselves) which sit higher on the waist (to keep their lower back warm because they have to be bending over all the time) and moccasins (to give them better grip on potentially slippery boards) which have to be bought new for each season because of how mucky they get. I also learned that these days they don't recommend a man takes up shearing properly, or tries to do fast-shearing, until he's at least 21 because of the strain it puts on your back. And also that professional shearers get paid around £1/sheep and will probably do around 280-300 per day during the season (of course, the kind of guys who get to the finals of the golden shears will do more than that!) (They also mentioned about only being able to sell the fleeces for 50p, but I knew that already. And yes, that *is* a 50% loss. If you want to know more about it, I'm sure you can find it out from a far more knowledgeable source)

So yes, not only interesting for knowing more about how life works, but all good for sparking off random plot-bunnies :-)
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Yeah, I know, I don't need *extra* ideas, I just need to buckle down and get back to writing the things I've started... but then this idea involving a ballet dancer sashayed (or jete-d?) into my brain, and kind of snuggled itself down, ousting one or two other things which had been there previously

...and I kind of spent half the afternoon watching online videos of various ballet companies' rehearsals...

Which actually made me realise how much of the imagery that ballet companies use focuses on the ballerinas. I don't know how I never noticed that before - I guess most people think "woman in tutu" when I think "oooh, men in tights!" (even better: strong, athletic, muscular men in tights! I do love a good pair of strong arms). It's ok, I eventually found my way to the website for Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake which made me very happy indeed, if a little sad that I can't afford to go see it :-)


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