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...are not being silly in the sense that I originally anticipated them being. I suspect they're being rather serious about wanting to Have An Adventure by leaving the Med. Which means getting past Gibralter. Which means (and I quote) "Showing those stuffy-faced, toffee-nosed British navy boys that they aren't the only ones on this planet who can sail!"

Hmm. Methinks my pirate captain may be jealous that I eschewed his company last week to reacquaint myself with John Cavendish and Alfie Donwell et al.

In good news, I've got past the corsairs vs. barbary pirates battle (just two more boats to sink, but that's only because he's in a vengeful mood) and then, yes, I will have figure out just where they'll be bound when they leave the Med.
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Not real-life pirates, thank goodness! Fictional ones are bad enough... though their story's got up to about 3,900 words now. I have a vague idea of aiming for about 500 words a day. Seems quite paltry compared to most writers' goals, but I keep reminding myself that *some* is better than *none*... and 500 seems to be a comfortable amount for me, especially since I'm mostly writing longhand then typing it up later.

In the rest of life, I'm busy with my usual work-baking-living routine, with extra gardening whenever we can fit it in. Autumn is the time for making decisions about how we want the garden to be for the next year, and using last year as a guide we've got a month to get stuff done before the frosts get too frequent and the days too short ...and this year we mustn't make the mistake of leaving the parsnips in the ground too long! Last year we said "oh, we'll get them up next weekend" sometime around the start of December and it wasn't until mid-February that the ground was soft enough again to accomplish the task.

Rambling about gardening in my writing journal? Tut tut ;-)
sandra_lindsey: me sitting in the garden with daffodils (musketeer 2) now sitting at about 2,900 words. Yay! And I met another character I didn't know I would. It's quite fun in some ways, this writing without much clue of the plot. There I was, thinking that the pirate captain was just going to go up on deck and have thinky-thoughts while manning the helm, and he starts bantering with the helmsman about the weather!

And now it seems I have to figure out a sea battle. One ship (two-master, so not ludicrously Hollywood-large - believeable that she is a merchant ship the pirates 'acquired') versus at least half a dozen small (but fast and heavily laden with men) sloops... So while I'm out & about today I'll have to figure out how on earth my pirates are going to win.
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I added another 500 or so words to it, so it's coming along (slowly, but that's due to lack of time rather than lack of inspiration). I should probably learn to touch-type, then perhaps I could get stuff done a bit quicker...

Anyhow, I'm being very strict with myself: no editing or re-reading until it's finished! It's been a while since I set myself up with a such a vague outline (they meet, stuff happens, they end up together) so I really want to find out what happens. If I start re-reading I'll get bogged down in the minutiae of how it happens and never find out the end...
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but I did last Friday! Granted, it wasn't anyone you're likely to have heard of (he's our county councillor) and the "manhandling" involved turning him round three times (while he had his eyes shut! no peeking!) before he had his go at "Pin the hat on the cowboy" at the village Autumn Fair...

Made a half-decent subject line, though didn't it? And it even segues nicely into what I was about to talk about, which is
arrgghh! Life! Wherefore art thou so bloody busy?

I know, I know. It's because I try to fill every single second with Stuff To Do, and then go "Oh, hang on, sleep needed" and "Wasn't there something else I was supposed to do tonight? Oh yes, EAT!" and (most relevant in this particular case) "When was the last time I checked up on online stuff?" and then suddenly my List of Stuff is not going down quite so quickly as it ought to be...

And of course it doesn't help that, thanks to a post and subsequent discussion in the lj of a certain author who shall remain nameless (mostly because she's probably fed up of seeing her name near the word "blame" right now), I now appear to be no further forward on the WIPs I'm supposed to be concentrating on, but have instead so far recorded around 1500 words of The Meditteranean Pirate's Bemused Count!

Butterfly brain? More like a Mad March Hare I'd say!


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