Feb. 28th, 2011 09:03 pm
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Found the following (under the cut) last night, saved in a forgotten folder on the network. I think it was originally something I posted on the Nanowrimo boards (in the Oxfordshire region section) a few years ago...

It's a little known fact, but the decappuchino machine in Borders in Oxford is a key part of the 'Wales deactivation' sequence. You have to order the right drinks in a particular sequence, which sets the trigger in a secret government bunker. A warning light flashes in the corner of the Prime Minister's wardrobe at No. 10, and if no one hits the 'cancel' button hidden underneath the Speaker's chair in the House of Commons, 24 hours later a string of explosions will occur along the Welsh Marches sufficient to separate Wales from England, so it can float off & claim independence (hopefully having moved itself first to sunnier climes).

I know this, because it was me who set it up during the summer of 1999. I'm not telling you the sequence of drinks though, because my sister lives in Wales and her baby's due at the start of December and she'll slaughter me if she can't get to the Countess of Chester Hospital & it has to be born Welsh...

...but if we feel an earthquake on Sunday evening, we'll know you got the sequence right.


Sometimes, words fail me when I read back the things I've written in the past...
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