Feb. 8th, 2011

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(or maybe I'll think up a better name for it - suggestions?)

Since we first moved in here (well, if I'm honest, probably since we first viewed the house!) I've been plotting and planning and mulling over design ideas for covering the long wall of the front room with books. A 20-hour power cut, and very real concern over the river breaking its banks and flooding the bottom part of the garden (where the shed holding most of my book collection in cardboard boxes is located), spurred me on to the point of getting out the tape measure and transferring my thoughts from brain to paper.

Today was the day the men were coming to fix some sheeting over the part of the roof which is currently tile-less, so I took it as a holiday day, and decided to dust off the 3D modelling software I acquired (legally!) during my teacher-training year. Some points of the process took a bit of head-scratching and a few cups of tea to remember how to get the software doing what I wanted, but I thought I'd share the results with you.

(NB: There are odd-looking lines as I used fairly basic models for each piece of wood. I could accurately model each joint etc., but really: what's the point? The reason for doing this is to check that it will look ok)
Pictures are from screengrabs )

Overall, I'm pretty happy with it. It's not the kind of design I'd have gone for if we'd done it immediately after moving here - in mulling things over I've considered different styles and thought about what I like and admire in furnishings and also about my own abilities and limitations. This design allows me to make it in easy stages: the doors can be added later, as can the drawers - provided I attach the (traditional-style) runners in advance; or in fact, either of these components could be left off if we wanted a section of shelves to be easily accessible, or (in the case of the drawers) wanted pigeon holes instead...

Oh, and I'm planning to make it from oak, which I think I can get quite easily from the local sawmill :-)


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