Jan. 12th, 2011

Oh noes!

Jan. 12th, 2011 11:42 pm
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I've not posted yet this year!

Can I think of any excuse other than "only just getting life back to 'normal'"? To be honest, it's more to do with "too much I want to talk about, can't think of how to say it". So I'll start with the writing-related topic. Which centres around (character) death...

I listen to The Archers, and they recently had a character die in an accident. I was rather annoyed, to be honest, because of when it happened (although at least we'd only been able to predict it for the length of that episode, rather than the storyline they played out over several weeks/months last time they had a Significant Anniversary), but I'm loving the way they've used that event to spin off several subsidary storylines with different people's reactions, and how varied opinions can be even between siblings.

It makes me stop & think about my own writing (yes, I know the main thing I need to do with my writing right now is sit down & bloody well do some!) and that I need to be careful to let my characters develop their own opinions and ideas about the world, and accept them as valid views even when I, personally, disagree with them. Or, as the general advice to newbie writers* puts it: Stop making everyone so damn nice!

*I'm sure there's things with a title similar to this, at least


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