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Last night we caught a re-showing of The Return of 'Allo 'Allo on one of the BBC digital channels. It's the one thing (other than Ski Sunday) that I remember us all sitting around and watching as a family when I was growing up ...of course, as we got older, it ceased being all the family watching it, but I still caught a fair number of the episodes. Taught me a lot about the world, and adult behaviour that series did (hmm... perhaps that explains things?), and I'm sure my parents didn't think I got half the jokes I did. I know, from the clips they showed in The Return... that there was at least one joke I didn't get at the time: when Fairfax & Carstairs are in bed together (complete with nightcaps and nightgowns) and Fairfax says "Grammar school boy, were you?"

Yeah, didn't get that one when I was 7 (8? 9? No idea which series it was from, tbh). But my favourite character, without a doubt, throughout the whole time it ran, was Lieutenant Gruber. Never did see what he saw in Rene though. General von Klinkerhoffen was better looking...

So, after that glimpse into my pre-teenage mind, I hope you don't feel the need to scrub yours out too badly!

PS My second-favourite character was the English Policeman (Crabtree?), for fairly obvious reasons :-D


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